The Easy Way To Maintain Healthy Skin With Honey - The skin is part of the human body which is located the most out. Because it lies in the outer parts of the body, the skin very vulnerable once exposed to interference from outside the body. Disorders that often attack the skin, among others, air temperature, extreme weather, bacteria, germs, dirt, mildew and cause other skin pain. Because it is very vulnerable to attack from the outside, it is important that the presence of effort maintaining healthy skin from the inside and the outside.

The function and role of the Skin
Skin health is very important to guard because the skin has many functions that are closely related to the health of the human body. As for the benefits and functions of the human skin, among other things:

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As the sense of touch. Human skin shot as the sense of touch is primarily in the hands of that man can feel what is held or attached dikulit. Because the skin there is stimulation of receptors for which information is passed on to the brain.

Sewer as harmful substances in the body. The skin has a role as a tool of eksresi due to the sweat glands. The human body has a unique mechanism where the body has the ability to throw out foreign substances that are harmful to the body. Dangerous substances are usually expelled through urine and sweat.

Regulates body temperature. The sweat coming out of the pores of the skin is the body's attempt to cool down or stabilize body temperature. This causes the human sweating in hot temperatures, the time after eating or after exercising.

As a place to manufacture vitamin d. on the surface of the human skin occurs the process of making a useful vitamin D for bone health. The manufacture of vitamin D in the skin gets relief from the Sun.
As the protector of the organs inside. Adult humans have human skin area of about 2 square meters and have a weight of about 16 percent of the total weight of the human body. Human skin has the role to protect the blood vessels and organs in the body.

In addition to the role and function of the skin which have been mentioned above, the skin also has a habit to regenerate every 27 days. The regeneration of the skin makes the dead skin cells are replaced by new skin cells. If the process of regeneration is not coupled with the process of cleaning the feces on the skin, then the dead skin cells will be mixed with dirt and dust from the air that may cause more severe skin problems.

Disorders Of The Skin

The actual causes of disorders of the skin not only from the outside, from within the body of any distractions can give bad effects against skin as unhealthy life pattern, rarely work out, love to eat foods that damage the skin etc. There are some common disorders that often occur on the skin especially on the face, among other things:

Skin breakouts or berbintil-bintil. Skin breakouts or berbintil-bintil many experienced by both men and women and usually appear after puberty. Causes of acne or irregular nodule on the skin tend to be triggered by excess oil production that keeps dirt and dust easily attaches and clog pores. This blockage will cause acne if left to become inflamed and are usually either red or white.

Dry skin. Dry skin sufferers the most are the people who live in the area or country. In addition to tropical countries, dry skin can also be caused by diet or a poor diet. In addition, the habit of bathing using thermal water is also able to make skin becomes dry because of the damage the oil glands naturally moisturize the skin. A dry skin condition that left too long without handling will cause premature aging.

Skin sensitive to the Sun. We recommend that you note habit in consuming drugs such as non-steroidal contraceptives, antiflamasi, antibiotics, antifungal medications, diuretics, antihistamines, and herbal medicines containing dandelion, radish and celery. Medicines that contain ingredients that are able to transform the skin becomes sensitive to the Sun. 

Chemical reactions from substances mentioned above are able to develop some kind of allergic reaction on the skin if exposed to the Sun for too long. In addition to drugs, fragrances or cosmetic products that added furocarmarins also make the skin burn and revamp skin pigment due to the furocarmarins nature absorbs ultraviolet light.