Practical way to heal Flu With black coffee Without sugar in 30 minutes - In the Earth's weather is getting extreme briefly heat the rain briefly very influential towards the body's immunity. The weather changes suddenly from the rain to hot and vice versa, more or less affect  the body and cause pain. In a situation like this health care became an important factor to consider. The disease often comes and easy to attack a weak body resistance is the flu. Flu symptoms are usually as often sneeze, stuffy nose, runny nose, dizziness and head are not uncommon because of the cold body of so shiver.

If the condition of the body was already stricken with the flu, the lazy disease began to attack. Whereas these conditions should immediately be addressed so as not to be sustainable. The most common way is to consume plenty of water and multiply. This way is the safest because it belongs to the natural way of overcoming the flu. However there is rarely direct analgesic drugs consume reliever flu being sold freely on the market. In addition to using the natural way with white water and plenty of sleep, there is also a natural way has been known from antiquity of Bamboo Curtain country namely by consuming black coffee without sugar.

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Warm water and Coffee Without Sugar

Treatment of Eastern fame and become an alternative taken by many people today. In addition to the rated potent in addressing various diseases are also more accessible. But to tackle the flu don't need to consult physicians or sin she encountered because this recipe has started a lot of known people. This recipe only requires warm water white and black coffee without sugar. Here's how to make a secret herb flu relief within 30 minutes.
Drinking 2-3 glasses of warm water, only warm water instead of cold water or ice.
After 5 minutes, 3 sd seduh 1 cup black coffee (any type) without sugar.
Mandatory coffee drunk while hot, don't wait too long trigger cold.
After the ritual was completed, wait for 20-30 minutes.
The body begins to indicate want to pee.
Do pee as usual, do not put on hold.
After urinating will feel flu symptoms have started to disappear.
The benefits of warm water and Coffee Without Sugar

Secret concoction consisting of warm water and coffee teamed up eliminating viruses cause flu dissolved through urine. The drink warm water dissolves the flu virus in the body, whereas coffee is a diuretic to make a virus that's been dissolved expelled through the urine. In addition to diuretic in nature, black coffee without sugar has many benefits such as,
Coffee caffeine is able to overcome the adenosine compounds in the body that inhibit brain performance and cause drowsiness.

Coffee without sugar are additive or supplement the spirit that makes the brain more aware and able to work quickly.
With routinely consuming black coffee without sugar will avoid the risk of obesity and type 2 diabetes are exposed.

So, the combination of warm water and hot black coffee without sugar makes the virus drained and is issued at the time of urination. With the appearance of the virus from the body, already assured of the flu get well soon. If this simple way has still not managed to treat the flu, it's good to see a doctor immediately for further examination will be the possibility of other diseases.

Just for information, for those who enjoy traveling, coffee or tea is strongly discouraged for consumption during travel due to its diuretic so it will make the trip is disrupted by frequent urination.

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