Practical Way to brighten The Face Skin Naturally in 15 Minutes With Lemon - Lemon is a fruit that easily found didapur and easily found in the market. A lot of food in Indonesia are using lime as a gastronomic taste. In addition to broadening taste sensations on the food, the use of lemons meant to kill bacteria-bacteria in food. Because there are some bacteria that do not die after exposed to high heat.

Benefits Of Lemon For Beauty
Other functions of the lemons turned out very much other than for food, one of which was a natural lightening facial skin. The face is the most accessible area affected by exposure to sunlight and air pollution. Exposure to sunlight for too long and able to cause air pollution face being dull and make enlarged facial pores that trigger acne, blackheads and black flecks.

Hasil gambar untuk jeruk

The content in the lime that is able to kill bacteria can be applied on the face where the lime juice will kill acne-causing bacteria-bacteria which makes the face look isn't pretty. How to make a mask with the basic ingredients of lime as follows:
prepare lemon fruit 1-2.
take some water with a squeeze of lemon way
mix with 1 tsp honey
stir until evenly
After the water the juice of lemon and honey mixed perfect, do the following:
apply evenly throughout all the face of the
let sit for 15-20 minutes.
clean your face with a towel or a clean wet cotton.
Content Of Lime
Antibiotics in the lime juice will kill all the bacteria that clog pores cause acne. While vitamin C will make the skin look more white, as well as the content of honey will smooth skin naturally. How to use this 3 x a week for maximum results. In addition to rewarding to get rid of acne, how powerful is also to get rid of acne scars.
As mentioned above, sun exposure and pollution can cause the appearance of freckles on the face. Freckles on the face can also be removed with lemon without mask mixture. How to make a lemon mask to eliminate black stains on the face are as follows:

prepare lemon fruit 1-2.
take some water with a squeeze of lemon way
After already squeezed lime juice are all directly apply toward the face
apply evenly to entire face
wait 15-20 minutes to sink in.
rinse with warm water until clean
Lemon contains citric acid which is capable of meluruhkan oil and dirt diwajah and exfoliates dead skin cells. The acid in lemon is also able to make the production of oil glands become a little passive. How to use these two days to avoid irritation.

In addition to the two ways above, there's still one more way of making a lemon mask can be used as a skin lightening face or can also be used as a natural way to maintain the brightness of the skin of the face.
prepare 1 piece of lime
cut into 2 parts
apply the inner skin dullness
wait until the sink is approximately 15 minutes
then rinse with clean water.
doing it this way 2 x a day for maximum results
Sensitive Skin

Lime juice is capable of meluruhkan dirt and bacteria as well as the oil diwajah. However, please note our skin type. Whether including sensitive skin types or not. Because if we apply this way against sensitive skin can cause irritation and make our skin more sensitive to sunlight.

To avoid things like that need to be taken care of the cleanliness of materials and tools that we use with lime and wash the blade to be used for cutting or tools to squeeze the lemon. In addition, don't let overcook our diwajah lime juice. Try no more than 30 minutes, due to sensitive skin or who experience severe acne will be felt very sick once.

The natural way is indeed necessary but if excessive will not result in anything good. How to use this on a regular basis, don't overdo it and make sure we have to wait. Because of the natural way is sometimes require a long process and repeatedly but the results are permanent.