Natural way so that healthy hair and Heavy consumption of Vitamins E and B12 - Hair is a Crown of a woman must be preserved beauty and its beauty. The beauty of the ladies will grow if her hair looks thick and healthy. To obtain a thick and healthy hair is not easy. Need intensive care and optimal. Treatment consists of treatment done from outside and from within. Treatment from the outside is usually through shampoo, conditioner or toner, hair mask. While the treatment can be started from inside with attention to the intake of foods that contain vitamins and nutrients needed by the hair.

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So far we know hair care which is done from the outside only without understand hair care from within. Whereas maintaining healthy hair from the inside is no less important. Thus it is supposed to be done first before we do our hair care from the outside. Moreover, for those who do not have a budget specifically for conducting intensive treatment in the salon. Because hair care from outside the normally uses drugs, so most pricing is not cheap. They are capable of and daring ensures its customers will get satisfying hair.

As described above, for hair care from within can be started by observing our daily food intake. We need to focus on foods that contain lots of vitamin E and vitamin B12. But that does not mean we ignore the content of other nutrients needed by the body. It's just that we are trying to consume more often for the types of foods that contain lots of vitamin E and vitamin B12.

Vitamin E

Vitamin E is a vitamin that is needed by the body to maintain heart health and skin. In the human body there is bad cholesterol or LDL entering through food. If the body continues to consume foods containing LDL, the bad cholesterol gradually this will precipitate out and oxidized so that clog blood vessels. The condition of the blood vessel blockage will cause the PJK or coronary heart disease. Here the role of vitamin e. vitamin E is crucial because silencer is able to be the risk of the occurrence of coronary heart disease .

In addition to good for heart health, vitamin E is also great for maintaining healthy skin because it can prevent premature aging with ward off free radicals that attack the skin. Vitamin E nourishes the skin from the inside so that it makes skin elastic and toned, youthful look. Therefore lots of beauty products or health supplement that includes vitamin E in composition. Not even the rare vitamin E into the main composition.
It is also expressed by the expert’s hair health. Vitamin E in addition to good for the heart and skin, is also good for your hair and scalp as well as able to provide the same benefits as it does to the heart and skin. Vitamin E helps prevent loss specifically with how to increase hair growth. Because vitamin E gives a good stimulus to the skin of the head so as to make the circulation of blood to be smooth and increase. In addition, vitamin E was able to make the hair follicles is wider allowing hair to grow more dense and healthy.
Just as happened to the skin, vitamin E on hair also gives the same effect that is preventing premature aging. If the skin vitamin E keep keelastisan and prevent wrinkles, hair vitamin E prevents the appearance of grey hair at an early age. Some food producers of natural vitamin E, among others, green vegetables such as spinach, kale, turnip and mustard greens, assorted fruits such as papaya, avocado and kiwi, a whole range of marine fish and nuts such as almonds.

Vitamin B12

Subsequent vitamin needed for hair care from within is vitamin B12. Vitamin B12 is part of the vitamin B complex. When compared to vitamin E prevents premature aging as well as keep the hair grows dense, vitamin B12 actually nourish your hair from the inside.

If the hair is likened to the human body, vitamin E is food that helps humans to move and be active. While the vitamin B12 is the nutrients from the food that is needed by the body to remain healthy. So the function of vitamin B12 ensures hair will grow healthy and not easily fall out. In addition, vitamin B12 also plays a role in keeping the pigmentation in the hair and keep the hair stick to its original color. Complementary foods vitamin B12 among other things, eggs, red meat, beans, milk and cheese.

Vitamin E and vitamin B12 is needed for the body, as with regularly and avidly consume foods that contain both of these vitamins will give the excess benefit. In addition to the hair to be healthy, heart and skin ever participate feel its benefits. In addition, consuming healthy food is indeed already should be a choice to live the moment. Amid the ekstreme weather like this now, we never know when our body's defense will be weakened. So should from now on make it a habit to live a healthy life by keeping the intake of a healthy and natural.

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