How To Keep Your Stomach From Being Diet Balanced With A Protruding - Belly did make an appearance we so less attractive. Moreover, wear clothes when we will be hard to find a suitable size because the stomach definitely still look offside. The belly is always associated with obesity because it has exceeded its normal size. In addition, the belly is also prone to chronic diseases such as diabetes and cholesterol, and heart.

To cope with the belly, usually direct people taking shortcuts with assorted drug slimming. However, we need to know that it is not always safe though it was slimming drugs made from natural ingredients. To flatten the belly in a natural, healthy and safe is by making a healthy diet, exercise and keep your intake of meals or food that goes into our body. the most important are the key that is patient. Due to the lower belly may not be instant, in addition to dangerous to the body is also feared to easily return to its original shape if just a little wrong in regulating his diet.

0.5-1 kg/week and 2.5 hours/week

As a rule of thumb or size safe in losing weight is the amount of normal derived i.e. 0.5-1 kg of perminggunya. The amount assessed is normal and does not interfere with your body's metabolism too so that the body is easy to adapt. To support weight loss programs which normally should follow a balanced diet or a balanced diet. In addition it takes 2.5 hours of sports also each week.

A healthy and safe diet is a diet that is not excessive in reducing the amount of food intake your body needs. Because if it is too tight in the reduced food intake occurs precisely is the body will reject and disruption of health. A safe way is to reduce the amount of food into the body slowly. Let the body adapt to the conditions and getting used to with the intake began to be reduced. The body will learn to take fat reserves to meet the needs of his daily metabolism so that little by little flab would be reduced. To note in reduced the number or types of food that enter the body is as follows,

To support a healthy diet, konsumsilah food that is cooked by means Braised or steamed. Avoid foods that are bersantan, fried or cooked with burning. Fried foods contain high cholesterol and were able to put on weight quickly, while our food is burned contains carcinogenic substances or karsiogenik.
Combine vegetables in a healthy diet menu we like, broccoli, spinach, asparagus, cauliflower, celery, radishes and mustard family of vegetables. In addition to vegetables, fruits like Orange and lemon also plays an important role in a healthy diet. Don't leave food types of vegetables and fruits because this type of food if eaten in large quantities does not make fat. In addition to being able to help lose weight, vegetables and fruits are also needed for the health of the skin to look youthful.
Replace white rice with red rice containing high fibre that is able to support a healthy diet because of the high fiber capable of waging a digestion and make the stomach feel full longer so as to avoid the desire to mengemil. In addition to red rice, soy milk can also be placed in the daily diet as it contains the same nutrients such as cow's milk but contains a high fiber and low in fat. Try not to add sugar in soy milk.
Cardio, sit ups and plank

As described above, in addition to paying attention to the amount of intake of food and drink that are incorporated into the body, the next is to exercise during 2.5 hours a week. Sport serves to calorie burning so it doesn't accumulate in fat. In addition to exercise will help the body detoxify poisons and throw it through sweat and feces. Due to the effects of other sports also improve metabolism so your body does not store waste the rest of metabolism in the body for too long.

Sports which are suitable for combined with a healthy diet in order to lose weight is to exercise the kind of cardio such as running, swimming and cycling. Besides, it can be added to other sports that can be done at home like a plank and sit ups. Sit ups and plank did not shrink the stomach but help tighten your stomach muscles so that the stomach looks flatter and not mbledeh. To support optimal fat burning or maximum we recommend before doing sports are observed consuming green tea or coffee without sugar.

The last and not least important is, don't be too often eat food outside. In addition to the guaranteed cleanliness and yet his nutritional content, often eat food outside of easy meyebabkan weight gain especially fast-food type food. Because of the many choices and the type makes our curiosity grew. Starting from curiosity is this bad habit will reappear and make your belly again.
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