Childhood febrifuge is important to know by mothers who have children aged under five at home. The importance of knowing what are the febrifuge drugs that can be given when the baby is fever can prevent seizures caused by high body temperature and often attack these children. The rate of incidence of this disease is quite high, in western countries the incidence of febrile seizures can reach 5% and in Asian countries ranges 4.47% of the total population of children. This certainly can be prevented if a mother knows what steps can be done to reduce high body heat a child. For that reason in the article we will discuss a number of herbal ingredients that are used as febrifuge to drugs that are often prescribed by doctors to reduce the fever suffered by the baby. Happy reading!

Various child-lowering drugs ranging from herbal ingredients to the prescribed doctor
A number of herbal ingredients that will be discussed in the following articles are often used as herbal reducing agents in adults. Its use also varied ranging from made as an external medicine to be cooked with various techniques. Not infrequently these materials are mixed and used together to get more optimal results, then what about its use as a febrifuge? Let's look at the explanation!

1. Turmeric

The first herbal febrifuge drugs we will discuss is turmeric. The spices are very much in our country can be used to reduce the body heat of children because it has properties as antioxidants and anti-inflammatory (anti-inflammatory). How to use is also quite easy, prepare approximately 10 grams of turmeric and wash until clean. After being washed, grate and puree the turmeric and add half a glass of hot water and let it cool. Afterwards strain this turmeric ingredients and take the juice and mix it with honey as much as 2 tablespoons. This herb can be given to the baby or adults who are fever as much as 3 times 1 tablespoon every day.

2. Temulawak

Furthermore, herbal ingredients that also have efficacy as a febrifuge is a temulawak. Plants with the scientific name Curcuma zanthorrhiza since long been already used as a febrifuge and various other diseases such as ulcers, diarrhea or diarrhea, flatulence to appetite enhancing drugs.

The way of processing is also the same as making turmeric herb that we discussed earlier. First of all prepare the ginger as much as 10 grams, after washed clean then puree with grated and add hot water as much as half glass, after stirred evenly and let stand cool we will take extract of this herb by way of filtered. To give a sweet taste so easily accepted by children, we can add 2 tablespoons of honey into this herb and consumed as much as 3 times 1 tablespoon every day.

3. Onion

The last herbal ingredients that are often used as febrifuge for children is red onion. Unlike the 2 previous ingredients that are consumed to reduce heat, red onion is more used as an external medicine. How to use it is also very simple loh! Initially prepare the onions to taste, then puree (can be shredded or thinly sliced) and mixed with a little coconut oil. This herb can you spread throughout the body of the baby to reduce his body heat.

In addition to using herbal febrifuge that has been discussed earlier, one technique to reduce the child's body heat is to use a fever compress. But there is often a misunderstanding in the community so the fever compress is done by using cold water. When a fever occurs interference with the central body temperature regulator in the brain of the hypothalamus. Various conditions such as infection or inflammation in the body will change the body temperature setting in the hypothalamus to be higher than the body temperature in general (36.6◦-37.2 ° C).

To adjust to the wrong arrangement in this hypothalamus then our body will also increase its temperature and there is a fever. If someone who is fever dikompres with cold water then what happens is the blood vessels will shrink (vasokontriksi) and even come to increase body heat. Instead of using hot or warm compresses, the body will be stimulated to sweat because the skin pores dilate and so will the blood vessels dilate its diameter (vasodilatation). These processes will help to reduce body heat through evaporation.

How to compress fever by using hot / warm water is very simple, prepare a basin of water containing hot water / warm, then wet waslap or a towel that will be used to compress. When doing the compress
Furthermore, every mother who has had a child and has had a previous fever would be very familiar with a drug called paracetamol that has so many trade names from famous drug factories. Paracetamol is the safest childhood febrifuge to use and is also the most widely prescribed by doctors for febrile complaints experienced by infants to children. The preparations provided by various drug manufacturers are very diverse not only the form of tablets for adults but the form of syrup to the preparation of special drops for babies. Provision of child febrifuge is in accordance with the doses listed on the label is also allowed to relieve child fever, so the mother should not be afraid to give it.

After looking at some herbal ingredients and methods of compressing up to medications prescribed by doctors who can be used as a child's febrifuge, it is important for the mother not to rely solely on the above-mentioned drugs let alone these herbal medicines. The cause of a child having a fever is very much, ranging from the symptoms of a normal viral infection to the symptoms of a deadly bacterial infection.

Treatment with herbal ingredients to the use of paracetamol medication has a focus on treating the symptoms that our child complains about, but the real cause of the problem is not necessarily eliminated so that fever may fall but rise again. For that if the child continues to have a fever despite being given child febrifuge as above for 3 days or more, immediately consult a doctor for further treatment. Thus the article on various febrifuge of children, may be useful!